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Lancia Auto ®: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi
Lancia Auto ®: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi
Lancia Auto ®: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi   Welcome to Lancia Wellness Center Online Shopping Lancia Auto ® / Parts / Ersatzteile / Ricambi
Lancia Auto ® / Parts / Ersatzteile / Ricambi

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Selected parts offer Lancia

  part no name Model: price weeks left  
  7646849 belt fan Dedra Integrale 245.33 ZAR
(20.67 USD)
You get 20% discount
for another 2 weeks
 82339209-N 82339209-N bush brake balancer Delta HF Integrale 8V 135.00 ZAR
(11.37 USD)
You get 20% discount
for another 5 weeks
 4379544 4379544 lever heater Montecarlo S1 185.60 ZAR
(15.64 USD)
You get 20% discount
for another 3 weeks

We are looking for the following parts: Maybe you can help us?

  part no name model  
  2329843 clip beading boot Beta Coupe 2.0 S2
  2399656 pipe pre-heat Beta Saloon 1.6 S1
  4152450* shim valve 3.57 Beta Saloon 1.6 S1
  4152452* shim valve 3.67 Beta Saloon 1.6 S1
  4152454* shim valve 3.77 Beta Saloon 1.6 S1
 4152455* 4152455* shim valve 3.82 Beta Saloon 1.6 S1
 4300391 4300391 seal waterpump Beta Coupe 1.6 S1
 4331519* 4331519* shim valve 3.52 Beta Saloon 1.6 S1
  4331521* shim valve 3.62 Beta Saloon 1.6 S1
  4331524* shim valve 3.72 Beta Saloon 1.6 S1
  7032076 gasket carb. top VX Beta Coupe I.E. VX
  7032443 pipe hot air intake Beta Coupe I.E. VX
  82293850 surround headlight r Beta Coupe 1.6 S1
  82302323 spring brakepad Beta Saloon 1.6 S1
 82347817-G 82347817-G reservoir water Beta Coupe I.E. VX
  176162880 knob gear Delta HF Integrale 8V
 2393600 2393600 rubber fuelpump Delta HF Integrale 16V
  2432125 sill panel clip Delta HF Integrale 16V
  2166253-G ring handle window Flaminia GT 2.8
  2176784-G stay bonnet l. Flaminia GT 2.8
  2176786-G stay boot l. Flaminia GT 2.8
  2182837-G grommet handle Flaminia GT 2.8
  2190889-G guide door Flaminia GT 2.8
  2212988-G beading front panel Flavia coupe 1.5
  2271348 set brake DUCELLIER Flavia Saloon 2.0
  2271349-G cover starter DUCELL Flavia Saloon 2.0
  2271351 ring brake DUCELLIER Flavia Saloon 2.0
 1509110-G 1509110-G panel wiper LHD Fulvia Coupe
  1891463-G lock boot + key Fulvia Saloon S2
 2229486-G 2229486-G flame part airfilter Fulvia Saloon 2C
 2240676-G 2240676-G surround headlight r Fulvia Sport
 2240677-G 2240677-G surround headlight l Fulvia Sport
 2273914-G 2273914-G lens indicator side Fulvia Saloon S2
 2277064-G 2277064-G mirror side Fulvia Coupe S2
  2320724-G switch fan interior Gamma Coupe S2
 82310858-G 82310858-G protection f.r.f. Gamma Coupe 2500
 82315951-G 82315951-G protection f.r.b. Gamma Coupe 2500
 007950011000 007950011000 databox tester plus General
  7MMHT lead HT red General
  4337066-G shield exhaust rub. Montecarlo S2
 4338812-G 4338812-G reservoir b/fluid Montecarlo S2
  4394550 connector mastercyl. Montecarlo S1
  82326662-G vent.C-Pillar r. Montecarlo S2
  88013036 tool tappet Montecarlo S1
  176695552 cover seat beige Thema 8.32 S1
 2388352 2388352 mount steering rack Thema 8V IE
  2393601 filter petrol pump Thema 8V IE
  2403288 seal gasket Thema 8V IE
 2403966 2403966 rubber fuelpump Thema 8.32 S2
  2423647 surround windscr. r. Thema 8V IE
  2423648 surround windscr. l. Thema 8V IE
  2434500 exhaust nut M10 Thema 16V IE Turbo
 2445803 2445803 key blank Thema 8V IE
  2469901 surround window b.l. Thema 8.32 S2
  2472678 radiator bracket Thema 8V IE
 46131336-G 46131336-G cover belt aircon Thema 8.32 S1
  60539737-G stop bonnet cable Thema 8V IE
 7546768 7546768 gasket cover gearbox Thema 8V IE
  7598236 washer cyl.head bolt Thema 16V IE
 7624310 7624310 sensor speedometer Thema 8V IE
 7627629-G 7627629-G pipe water turbo Thema 16V IE Turbo
  7658836 connector water Thema 16V IE Turbo
  7674100 stud exhaust 101mm Thema 16V IE Turbo
  7674101 stud exhaust 46mm Thema 16V IE Turbo
 7703016 7703016 gasket camshaft b. Thema 8V IE
 82408805 82408805 hose turbo Thema 8V Turbo
  82408814 rubber mount Thema 16V IE Turbo
  82412484-G bracket cable starte Thema V6 auto
  82417329 hose air intake Thema 8.32 S1
 82424658 82424658 shrould starter Thema 8.32 S1
 82436482 82436482 pipe turbo Thema 16V IE Turbo
  82438769 bracket exhaust b. Thema 8V IE
 82444924 82444924 light fog l. Thema 8V IE
 82450863 82450863 throttle cable Thema 8.32 S2
 82474097-G 82474097-G park light f.r. Thema 16V S3
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