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Lancia Auto SA CC: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi
Lancia Auto SA CC: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi
Lancia Auto SA CC: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi   Conditions of Sale: Please read before you purchase. Lancia Auto SA CC / Parts / Ersatzteile / Ricambi
Lancia Auto SA CC / Parts / Ersatzteile / Ricambi

Mailorder Service

  • Right of cancellation: Should we be unable to deliver the goods in a reasonable time, the customer can cancel the order. We do not cover the consequential loss if the order is cancelled.
  • Warranty: Claims for defective goods must be submitted in writing within 14 days and goods must be returned to us. If the claim is valid, the goods will be replaced, or the purchase price refunded. Take your package to any post office counter and ask for a proof of dispatch. It is your responsibility to ensure the parcel reaches us, so you may wish to upgrade your delivery to a tracked delivery service. Please note that we unfortunately are unable to refund the cost of your delivery service. We strongly advise that you keep hold of any tracking numbers that the post office may give you. We regret we cannot be held responsible for the non-delivery of returned goods. No further claims will be accepted. The buyer cannot claim for consequential losses. Used parts carry no warranty or guarantee and cannot be exchanged.
  • Delivery periods: We cannot guarantee fixed delivery dates when searching and negotiating for spare parts. Delivery can be delayed by unforeseen circumstanced beyond our control. Neither party can cancel the agreement.
  • Payment: The full amount is payable before delivery or on collection.
  • Imported parts are payable upon arrival in the RSA.
  • All goods remain the propert of Lancia Auto SA until paid in full.
  • The client is fully liable for all transporation costs unless agreed otherwise in writing.
  • The client is liable for all taxes payable in the country of imporation.

  • Vehicle Restorations

  • Due to the nature of Classic car restorations, we cannot give any binding quotation.
  • Invoices will be send monthly, and are payable before the 10th of the month.
  • Imported parts are payable upon arrival in the RSA.
  • We do reserve the right to halt restoration work while accounts are unpaid.
  • Vehicle Repairs

    I , being the owner or authorised by the owner
    a)instruct and authorise to you:
    i) execute the work detailed overleaf together with any subsequent work which may be orally agreed in connection herewith.
    ii) supply and fit parts as you in your discretion consider necessary to carry out these instructions.
    iii) drive the vehicle in any street or place for any purpose
    iv) carry out any of these instructions either through yourselves or through any agent or subcontractor nominated by you.
    b) accept the following terms and conditions upon which you undertake to carry out those instructions.
    i) you will, at your cost, replace any defective parts supplied and redo any defective work carried out by you, but you will not be liable for any damage whatever ( including special, consequential, direct or indirect damage ) which I ( for the owner ) may suffer as a result of.
    A) any loss or damage to the vehicle or its content arising from any course whatsoever.
    B)and defective part supplied or work carried out by you in terms thereof;
    C) any delay in carrying out any work in terms thereof
    ii) I will be deemed to have agreed to your charges as reflected in this invoice after completion of the work unless I object to them in writing within 14 days from the date of completion of such work;
    iii) if any amount is not paid on due date you will be entitled to charge interest on that amount from due date to the date of payment;
    iv) unless you are immediately instructed to the contrary you shall be entitled to dispose of any parts replaced by you as your own property;
    v)I undertake to accept delivery of the vehicle as soon as the work is completed. From that date you will be entitled to charge me storage. Should I fail to collect the vehicle or parts thereof or settle account related to vehicle / parts thereof within 3 month from the date the work is completed you will be entitled to sell without notice and on such terms as you may decide.
    vi)I furthermore consent to the jurisdiction of the magistrate's court for the area where the company carries on business and acknowledge that5 this arrangement is made and entered into the aforesaid area. Delivery is taken within the magistrates area where the company carries on business express mechanics lien is hereby acknowledged to secure the amount of repair;
    vii) all those charges will be paid in cash on completion of the work and against the return of the vehicle to me, notwithstanding any previous course dealing to the contrary or any credit allowed to me on any previous occasions.
    viii) I acknowledge that should you surrender possession of the vehicle to me for any reason, and whether temporarily or otherwise, before your charges have been paid, that surrender shall not extinguish your lien over the vehicle. You shall be entitled to regain possession of the vehicle and once possession is regained your lien over the vehicle shall revive.

    Engineering Work

    "Unit" means a complete engine assembly or components thereof, or individual part or parts.
    "Rebuilt" bears its ordinary meaning in the automotive engineering trade, and for the purpose of these warranty includes machining of individual part or parts.
    "Guarantee period" means the period during which the vehicle shall have been driven an aggregate distance of 10 000 km after installation of the rebuild unit or 6 month after the date on which the unit was delivered to the customer., whichever occurs first.
    "Customer" means the person, firm or company with whom the rebuilder has contracted to rebuild the unit, and who warrants that he contracts as Principal.
    Manufacturers Specification mean the manufacturers specification for a new vehicle. he rebuilder warrants to the customer the rebuilt unit to be free under normal use and service during the guarantee period, of defects in workmanship, and/or in material or parts if the material or parts shall have been supplied by the rebuilder. The liability of the Rebuilder under this guarantee is subject to the following conditions.
    a) That the engine is properly fitted and initially run and retorqued by the customer, all in accordance with the manufacturers Specification.
    c) That the engine is fully serviced and maintained in good order and condition at all times.
    d) That the engine is not opened other than by the employees of the rebuilder) or in any way tampered with, and that no modification from the rebuilder's or manufactures specification are carried out without the rebuilders knowledge and consent first obtained in writing.
    e) That there is no misuse or negligent handling by the customer of the rebuild unit, or of the vehicle whilst in operation, and that immediately a fault occurs, the operation of the vehicle is stopped.
    f) That on failure of the rebuilt unit, the rebuiler shall be notified immediately by telephone and the failure confirmed in writing within 7 days of such failure occurring.
    g) That the customer establishes that the fault was defective workmanship by the rebuilder, or the defective material or parts supplied by the rebuiler, or in the case of an individual part, that it was not machined to correct specifications within tolerances allows in the trade, or to the diameter specified
    Lancia Auto SA CC / Parts / Ersatzteile / Ricambi
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