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Lancia Auto ®: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi
Lancia Auto ®: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi
Lancia Auto ®: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi   The Lancia Stable Lancia Auto ® / Parts / Ersatzteile / Ricambi
Lancia Auto ® / Parts / Ersatzteile / Ricambi
Sorting Lancia parts
I just found a quote which is to beautiful to hide it away from our readers:
    'It is not a problem to catalogue the car parts by part number as we can now have access to this information.
    So I'll ask Hugo to take a catalogue to our barn in Maritzburg and write it all down.'
Michael Viljoen on Thu 2010/10/14 11:00 AM

We are now in week 8 and we are still sorting, and I admit I am getting tired of it, especially
bringing the scrap away is no fun, at least it appears that miracuously the serpent was able to
swallow the water buffalo, as most parts are now inside the workshop and are dissipating into
the system slowly. The result of the hard work, you can see here:

We got this message from oversees: 'Mr. Immelman, was that the librarian of the University of Cape Town?'
so I think we must write a bit more about PW Immelman
A prominent visitor from Durban wrote: 'I think stuff was taken, but who know who when and why.
When I went there about a year ago it looked like it was ransacked.'
while we can quote a visitor from Cape Town confiding: 'it was a perpetual f*-up'
the Lancia Stable as it used to be
This is what remains of the LANCIA STABLE in Tokai after notice was served to vacate by 1.5.2014
and it was not a pretty sight, allegedly the LANCIA STABLE owed a lot of money to the landlord, and never paid up,
what they left behind was the grim and the dirt, old oil that seemed to be coming out of a bunker, certainly not
from a Lancia, rotten lappies mouldy carpets, in short it was disgusting, and we had to get our hands very dirty
to clean it all up. It would not have been fair on the landlord. Sadly in this beautiful part of the world,
the name LANCIA will have a bad ring forever.
the Lancia Stable is emptythe Lancia Stable is empty

Whatever we could rescue is now in my wifes garden. We have to weeks of hard work in front of us trying to find any uselful bits, what we have found so far, you can see on :

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